Luke & Ashley Jeanette

Posted: November 14th, 2018

We are very fortunate to have found such great loving care for our daughter. I constantly tell others how it feels like I’m dropping off our daughter at her Aunt’s house to go play with her cousins. Maria’s Kids is like another family. We're grateful for the love and kindness they show our daughter. You can see the passion and affection in Mamita Sole’s eyes for all her past and current little ones. She treats them as her own and the love for her is reciprocated. We’ve never had to worry about our daughter’s well-being, Maria’s Kids gives us peace of mind that she is well cared for, safe, and constantly learning and having fun. Our daughter is extremely stubborn (we don’t know where she gets that from) and we’ve appreciated the patience that Maria, Mamita Sole, and Vero have given her, so she can succeed. The opportunities and insight are endless with giving our daughter the gift of learning a second language! We love Maria’s Kids and wouldn’t dream of having our daughter go anywhere else!

Rafael & Katie Ambriz

Posted: December 7th, 2017

Maria's Kids is so much more than just a daycare. It is a school, a playground, and a loving home all wrapped into one! Every morning when the kids are dropped off, they are greeted with hugs and a kitchen filled with yummy smells. Being working parents is stressful, and it is invaluable to know our kids are not just taken care of, but happy and enjoying their day. My toddler is constantly talking about her teaches and friends at Maria's Kids. I can tell she loves it there and is loved in return. They have a great routine at Maria's, and I love watching them learn and grow immersed in Spanish language by native speakers. They go above and beyond, and I cannot thank them enough!

Eric & Lindsey Neely

Posted: October 27th, 2016

Each one of our three kids has spent time at Maria’s. Sometimes on days off from school the older ones STILL ask to go back just to spend the day there having fun. Finding a daycare that you feel comfortable enough to care for your children can be very difficult, but we knew the instant we met Maria and Mamita Sole that this was the place for us. Our kids are loved as though they are part of a bigger family and throughout their time at Maria’s Kids they have been taught incredible life lessons and made valuable friendships. If you are looking for a daycare with amazing home cooked food, loving caregivers and a home-like atmosphere all while learning a second language, Maria’s is the place for you!

Laura Eaton

Posted: October 12th, 2015

The best Google search I have ever done! I'm not sure how lucky one family can be. My daughter has been with Maria's Kids since she was 4 months old. As I look back on the wonderful memories and education she has received over the last 4 years I am overwhelmed. Maria's Kids is everything a parent could ever want or need. Maria's Kids has created a wonderful balance of education and play. I feel informed as a parent of what my daughter has been working on a daily basis so we can talk about things when we get home. My daughter never has a day when she doesn't want to go to daycare. I think she likes it there better than being at home. This only tells me that I know she loves Maria's Kids and only continues to confirm my decision as a parent to send her to daycare. The true genuine care and love that she receives from Mamita Sole, Maria, Geoff, and all other Maria's Kids employees is beyond words. They are simply the BEST at what they do. Lastly, as you drop your babies off in the morning you will be jealous of your children as you smell the amazing food Mamita Sole has prepared for the day!

Jared & Kara Voorhees of JV Bike Repair

Posted: April 30th, 2014

We feel so fortunate to have found Maria’s kids daycare. Maria and Mamita Sole feel like family to us and treat our kids with so much love. Our kids absolutely love going each day and often ask if they can stay just a little bit longer when we pick them up. Maria has done such a nice job of providing all the kids with an educational experience yet balancing it with fun. We are impressed with the creative way Maria has taught the kids Spanish through music, dance, art and play. We feel no need to send our kids to preschool because Maria provides a great educational experience where the kids learn shapes, colors, letters, numbers and much more. Our kids will know everything needed to start Kindergarten. Our 3/12 year old son is now teaching us Spanish! We cannot recommend Maria’s kids daycare enough!

Lesley & Diego De Paz

Posted: June 11th, 2013

I joke with our friends that our 14 month old loves daycare more than us! Maria's Kids daycare is exactly what we were looking for when we set out to find the environment in which we wanted our daughter to spend her days. Maria and her staff have a daily schedule similar to a center-based daycare yet on a much smaller scale, which allows for more individual attention. Between circle time, arts & crafts and trips to the park, we love the balance in which Maria has put into the daily schedule for the kids. The home-cooked meals by Mamita Sole always makes us a bit jealous that our daughter gets to have breakfast and lunch at daycare. The added bonus is the love that pours out of Maria every day. Even at 14 months, our little one is becoming bilingual. She can go get her shoes (and other little things) in both Spanish and English! We feel so lucky to have found Maria and her daycare.

Kelly Maloney & Deanna Cadreau

Posted: October 21st, 2012

We were thrilled to find Maria's Kids day care at a time when we were looking for a more educational environment for our son. Maria has balanced the structure of a child care center and the love of an in-home day care. By the end of the first week our 2 year old was coming home singing his Spanish songs. Maria's love and passion for teaching children is very apparent in her work. We highly recommend her!