The Nursery

Why Spanish Immersion For Infants & Toddlers?

Immersing children into a second language during their most vulnerable time for developing speech will not only make them bi-lingual, it will also develop their minds far beyond those receiving a traditional English-only education. Studies have shown that those who are exposed to a dual-language environment at a young age go on to be proficient in other academic fields as well, providing them with a world of opportunities.


The Nursery is located in Crystal, Minnesota in a warm, friendly, suburban home devoted entirely to the teaching and caring of your children, no square inch spared. The house itself is divided evenly between two different age groups: infants (6 weeks to 18 months old) & toddlers (18 months to 3 years old). It is located in the same neighborhood as The Schoolhouse.


Mamita Sole, Infants' Teacher at The Nursery

Our dear Mrs. Mamita Sole is a native Spanish speaker from Ecuador and a fully-trained Hennepin County child care licensed provider who has many years of experience working with children of all ages. She is a person who has many stories to tell, pieces of advice to give and wisdom to empart onto others. Every day she works with lots of enthusiam, happiness, sweetness, patience and love for her children. She doesn't see her position at Maria's Kids as a job, but as apart of a diverse family. She arrives each day with a smile knowing that she has a very delicate mission to care for your babies, who are the seeds of the future.

Vero, Toddlers' Teacher at The Nursery

Mrs. Vero is a native Spanish speaker, originally from Ecuador. She has been the teacher and primary caregiver to the toddlers at Maria's Kids since February 2018. She is fully-trained to work with children according to Hennepin County Child Care Licensing. Vero has four sons & daughters and has extensive experience working with children. She treats children with a kindness & tenderness only a mother can have and shows it every day.


Our infants & toddlers pariticipate in a wonderful curriculum centered around fine-tuning gross motor skills with various art projects and activities. Please click here to see more details for the fun activities infants & toddlers do on a daily basis!