Nursery Activities

Here are some highlights of the Nursery's curriculum.

Circle Time

Circle Time is a special activity the children will do where everyone sits in a circle and sings several songs. These curriculum-related songs are played every morning, each month having a different theme. The children will hear the songs and learn them little by little until they memorize them. By singing the songs, they will develop their language and rhythm skills. Their excitement after having learned a song will be shared and pretty soon, even the parents will be able to carry their tunes!


At Maria’s Kids, every month a new carefully planned Curriculum is created and Arts & Crafts are a big part of it. To develop their fine motor skills, encourage creativity and enhance their bilingual skills the kids will create art projects with colorful displays and vibrant materials. Children love to share their art and parents will be proud to show it off.

Reading & Nap Time

After a day full of fun activities, children will need to recover some energy. To ease them into a restful nap, a short story will be read to them. Engulfing them into a good story will create a relaxing atmosphere perfect for a good nap with classical music playing in the background, dancing in their ears.

Movement Activities

In order for children to develop their gross motor skills and to keep healthy, it is important to perform activities that promote good exercise, but are also fun and meaningful. These activities will include traditional Rondas, Latin Dance, Zumba & Outside Play.

Learning Stations

Any child can play with a toy, but it takes intelligence to build a castle out of nothing. In the different Learning Stations, the children will test their minds and develop good problem solving skills through puzzles, Duplo® blocks and teamwork. Through teamwork, the children will develop their social skills, learn the importance of working together and understand the value of sharing.

Special Events

As a change of pace, special events will be brought to the curriculum such as:

• Field Trips • Sprinkler Day • Show & Tell • Swimming Day • Movie Day
• Halloween
Trick or Treating
• Christmas Party • Valentine's Day • St. Patrick's Day • Easter Egg Hunts