The Schoolhouse

Why Spanish Immersion?

Immersing children into a second language during their most vulnerable time for developing speech will not only make them bi-lingual, it will also develop their minds far beyond those receiving a traditional English-only education. Studies have shown that those who are exposed to a dual-language environment at a young age go on to be proficient in other academic fields as well, providing them with a world of opportunities.


The Schoolhouse is located in Crystal, Minnesota in a warm, friendly, suburban home devoted entirely to the teaching and caring of your children. The Schoolhouse is for children 3 years and older, including School-Age children who participate in the Before & After School Program. School-Agers who participate catch the bus in the morning and get dropped off in the afternoon. The Schoolhouse is located in the same neighborhood as The Nursery.


Maria, Preschoolers' Teacher at The Schoolhouse

Mrs. Maria Moldenhauer is the owner of Maria's Kids since its creation in 2012. Before that, she studied early childhood development in her native Ecuador and gained experience working as a teacher in several Twin Cities day care centers. She is a Hennepin County Child Care licensed professional and has extensive experience with teaching and taking care of children of all ages. In addition, she has a strong passion for their well-being and overall success with their abilities.


Our Preschoolers and School-Aged children pariticipate in a wonderful curriculum centered around fine-tuning gross motor skills with various art projects and activities. Please click here to see more details for the fun activities we do on a daily basis!